Our History

Relive and celebrate the sights and sounds of our industrial revolution in America.

Join us for the GSV Society's 1st Annual Steam Whistle Expo to be held in front of the magnificent arches of the Great Stone Viaduct built in 1870-71 in Bellaire, Ohio.

The 36 ringstones plus one keystone in each of its 43 arches represented the 37 States of the Union at the time of construction.

At the turn of the century, Bellaire, Ohio, then know as "Glass City," was an industrial center for glass making in America. Bellaire's glassware products were delivered by rail throughout the US, made possible by the Great Stone Viaduct.

In 2009, the Great Stone Viaduct was chosen for the filming of Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.

Our Event

Our whistle expo will have both live steam and compressed air demonstrations.

Hank Marsilio of Eagle Mechanical LLC, in Youngstown will be bringing his coal and wood fired 1910 Reeves 150 psi live steam boiler and ASME certified manifold. Whistle enthusiasts can stage a whistle for a $20.00 donation. You must bring your own adapters and whistle valves.

Dana Dolfi from Pittsburgh will be featuring his Great American Horn Machine. The world's loudest mobile musical instrument, his collection of truck, train and ship air horns and whistles is controlled by a MIDI decoder that can be played from a laptop computer.


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